Redesigning the Permissions Experience



My first week on the job at TrackVia, I was informed that we were working on improving our workflow building feature. This feature had many backlog tickets and we were digging into what some of the main pain points were to decide what direction to move forward in. After running additional customer interviews, one of the biggest recurring issues that really stood out was that customers were having a hard time granting permissions to the workflow to user roles without creating errors.

What started as a simple question of "What makes granting permissions to a workflow so difficult," then kicked off what has now become almost a 2-year project. We were able to take this insight and use it to transform the way all our users grant permissions to resources in their platform. 


Senior Product Designer


Customer Interviews
Usability Testing
UX Strategy & Wireframes
User Interface Design


Dev complete/In QA

Under Construction!

This project is currently under construction while the case study is being built out. Take a look at some sneak peeks above in the meantime.

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