Hi! I'm Maria

I’m a product designer based in Denver, CO. I have a passion for creating user experiences that are seamless, impactful, and inclusive. During my 7 years in product design, I've specialized in designing admin and enterprise experiences that simplify & automate complex workflows and make tasks less painful for workers.

I began my design career in graphic design for print, and quickly pivoted towards digital design. My focus was primarily on supporting small businesses, and during that time my eyes were opened to how poorly designed experiences were causing frustration and extra work for business owners who already juggle so much. Outside my daily work, I was often reaching out to business owners on the phone, or on our intranet forums to find ways to make their lives easier or to coach them through best practices and better processes.   

My interest in design has always been fueled by a desire to find simpler and more delightful ways to communicate with people and solve their problems. By shifting my focus to user-centric design practices, I am able to do this in new, more meaningful ways. 

I firmly believe that technology can play a positive role in defining the future of the world we live in and how we interact with it. In order to build digital products that are useful and improve human lives and processes, we need to deeply understand the human experience. I want to use my skills to empower people to accomplish their goals and that is why I create digital experiences that make life easier. 

I also am a believer in paying it forward, and now I get a lot of enjoyment and connection from mentoring other designers through and other channels. Mentors played a large role in helping me get to where I am, and I hope to do the same for my own design community. 

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, playing with my two doodles, baking, and trying to hit my goal of reading 300 books for this year (currently at 259!). 


UX Strategy
Product Design

User Research
UX/UI Design
Digital Design


Lottie/After Effects

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Made with joy in Denver, CO. Thanks for visiting!
© 2022 - Maria Rogers

Made with joy in Denver, CO. Thanks for visiting!
© 2022 - Maria Rogers