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The ask.

CU Boulder launched a new masters program recently, designed to be a collaborative space for thinkers and doers to come together at the intersection of technology and collective creativity. Currently, the program is attached to the College of Media, Communication and Information. However, it seeks to compete with schools like the Stanford d school and the new school - leaders in experience design and technological innovation. It lacks its own firm standing as a competitive and professional school and wants to separate itself from the University through it's own unique branding. 

My design approach and solution.

One of the largest draws to the CU Strategic Communications Design program is the collaborative, disruptive and fail fast approach it brings. That makes it very unique  amidst the other programs offered by the university. The serious, educational tone of CU's branding seems to clash with the mission of the Studio. So when approaching this identity, I wanted to really bring out the approachability and forward thinking aspects of the school. It felt like it needed to feel human and imperfect (the studio itself is a bit grungy, made of floor to ceiling cement), but high-tech and innovative in that same breath. In this sense, I looked for a flexible logo and brand guideline that allowed the creativity and versatility to shine through. The program is really what the students make of it. Below is my brand solution to the client's ask. 


The brand needed to allow for flexibility, because the program offers many workshops and majors within it.

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