Commercial Spot

Digital Illustration & Animation

The ask.

As part of a semester long study of designing for environmental good - our brief was to create a 30 - second commercial spot for Volkswagen. Volkswagen has been in the news a lot over the past year because of it's scandal with deceiving emissions testing on its vehicles and harming monkeys in safety testing. Our goal was to design a commercial based around apologizing or taking culpability for their actions.  This was part of a Master's branding class assignment and is not affiliated with Volkswagen.

My design approach and solution.

I personally felt betrayed and upset by Volkswagen's behavior, so I approached building the commercial from a more personal standpoint than their traditional commercial style. I felt that their biggest offense was to the environment, and I wanted to create an 'ode to nature' of sorts to show appreciation for the world we get to enjoy, and address the wrong by pledging to do better. Just saying 'sorry' didn't seem like it would be impactful enough, so my solution included a donation for each car recalled to the Rainforest Alliance. 

To channel the personal and sincere tone I wanted, but also to celebrate the beauty of nature without being exclusive to any audience - I chose to digitally illustrate the commercial using a Wacom tablet and animate using After Effects and Premiere Pro. 
The song is 'anemone' by slenderbodies.